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Monday, 4 February 2013

Violent Shaking Noticed on Jeep

Vehicle shakes violently while driving

Q: I just bought an ‘87 Jeep Cherokee from a guy I know and while driving it home it began to shake violently almost to the point of losing control. It will stop and restart again but does not seem to be at any particular speed. Any suggestions?

A: I would suggest inspecting the steering and front end components of the vehicle. There is one part in particular, called the steering stabilizer that should be checked over closely. The steering stabilizer is basically a shock absorber for the steering. This not to be confused with the shock absorbers for the suspension. The mass (steering and suspension) in the front end of Jeeps has a frequency problem, meaning that as the vehicle is being driven down the highway a sort of vibration develops. The steering stabilizer absorbs/deadens this vibration so it is not delectable. If the stabilizer is worn it can no longer prevent the front end shake from happening. The shake from a failed stabilizer can be speed related when the steering is turned slightly or when the wheels hit a small bump, just right. With a little time most people figure out just how to induce the shakes. Once the shake starts it will not end until you virtually stop the vehicle. Start driving again and the condition will return it will return at the right speed or bump in the road.

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