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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scheduled Maintenance As per Dealer OR Manufacturer

When Exactly Scheduled Maintenance has to be Done

Dealer or Manufacturer Who is right?

Q: Its confusing when exactly to get the vehicle serviced.  In a MSN article they mentioned that a service should be done on the manufacturer's schedule, not the dealer's. Is the manufacturer's schedule what is listed in the car manual? This also shows major service at 30k miles. On the Ford Web Site it just refers you to the dealer for the maintenance schedule. How do you find the correct "manufacturer's" recommendation?

I suggest using the maintenance schedule in the Owner's Manual as a guide. The Owner's Manual provides the guidelines for required maintenance for warranty purposes and suggested maintenance to keep your vehicle operating safely and reliably. When a customer comes into our shop and asks what type of service their vehicle needs we'll refer to the Owner's Manual as a guide. The manual is clear on defining service intervals and maintenance that is often overlooked. As a consumer you should maintain records in the event a warranty issue should arise and be on the watch for redundant type service. For example in New Hampshire the annual state safety inspection program covers much that is suggested for safety and service inspections on the Owner's Manual. Asking a repair shop or dealer to perform that work again is redundant and adds needlessly to the cost of keeping your vehicle in good operating condition. The Owner's Manual is a good guide, but like most things in life a little salt and common sense can get you a long way.

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