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Monday, 4 February 2013

Engine Quits After Running Few minutes

Engine Dies After Driving Few Minutes

Q: The engine just quits on  Jeep Cherokee after driving for few  min. Already replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs & wires and the distributor cap....What else can I check?

A: First, you're not checking you're replacing parts. This is a costly way to approach a problem. If the problem is so persistent you should be able to time a drive to a repair facility for diagnosis. But then again if it is anything like what happens when a problem vehicle comes to our shop, the problem goes away. You know the dentist and the tooth ache scenario? It is unlikely that the parts or related parts to the items you've replaced are the cause for your engine just shutting down. With Jeeps I'm more inclined to inspect critical inputs to the computer. Component failures that I have seen that are heat related on Jeeps have been the crankshaft position sensor. When this sensor drops out (fails) the computer just stops doing about anything. The signal from this sensor is a critical input and without it the vehicle will not run. Why? The signal from the crankshaft position sensor allows the computer to know when to provide spark and fuel. The Jeep just becomes a boat anchor until the signal returns. A problem as persistent as you're describing should be easily diagnosed. Once you have the diagnosis and know what has to be replaced life gets simpler.

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