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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Consequences of using wrong fuel

Wrong Gas fill up in Car

Q: What are the consequences when you inadvertently pumped diesel fuel into an automobile gasoline tank. I have been told this happens frequently.Any quick fix when these occurs?

A: The biggest problem I’ve seen is a headache. Why a headache? Because the driver of the vehicle doesn't happen to mention as I am going bats trying to diagnose a starting and rough running problem that they PUT THE WRONG FUEL IN!! Oh, "I didn’t think I put that much in so I didn’t think is was worth mentioning". In our region even the diesel fuel pumps have the same size nozzles as the unleaded fuel pumps.

But in real,yes this does happen. When it does happen, the best and quickest fix is to drain the gas tank. It doesn't take much diesel fuel to really screw up today’s computerized vehicle’s. Not saying anything is just going to cost you labor$ until you tell the whole true.

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