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Friday, 19 April 2013

How do I Time a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord Timing Setting

Properly timing a Honda Accord is one way to get the most out of your Honda Accord engine. An internal combustion engine's timing refers to its ignition timing. The ignition timing determines when a spark will occur to start the Accord's VTEC engine. The factory recommended setting for the Honda Accord VTEC engine varies from year to year but it generally falls between 12 to 18 degrees before top dead center. You can adjust the ignition time with a few tools and mechanical skills.

To Time The Honda accord You Will Need Few Basic Tools Like

timing light,timing adjustment setting,wrench and wheel chocks.

Follow The Steps Below:----

Park your car.Turn off all accessories in the car including the radio, air conditioning and heat.

Use wheel chocks to chock the wheels of your car. Put the transmission in neutral, firmly engage the emergency brake, and gradually take the engine to an idle speed of 750 rpm.

Exit the Honda Accord allowing the rpm to go back to zero and open the hood to your VTEC engine.

Connect the timing light to the battery by placing the red clip on the positive terminal first and the black clip on the negative terminal second. Next, connect the timing light clamp to the number 1 spark plug wire connected the the cylinder head. Then, shine the timing light on the pulley connected to the engine's crankshaft to see check the timing mark.

Check where the timing mark on the pulley falls compared to the degree tab on the front of the engine. You should now be able to see what the current ignition timing is. You can remove the installed components if the timing is correct.

Locate the distributor lock-down bolt at the base of the distributor housing and loosen it with your wrench. Disconnect the distributor vacuum hose from the distributor housing and you will not be able to adjust the ignition timing safely.

Rotate the distributor with your hand until the timing mark on the pulley aligns with the timing index you desire. Remember, 12-18 degrees is the factory recommendation.

Reconnect the distributor vacuum hose into the distributor housing and tighten the lock-down bolt with your wrench. Remove the timing from the battery, spark plug wire, and pulley. Close the hood of your car and remove the wheel chocks.

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Learn Cartridge Refilling

Hi,this is Team OF Printer Expert.

Yes you have a printer issue or a problem related to computer or laptop.

This indicates that you have a printer.

Now-a-days cost of new ink-jet and Laser cartridge is sky high.
Also the cost of compatible or recycled cartridge is much.

Your best option is getting your cartridge refilled.
But the cartridge refilling store charges much more then actual refilling cost.

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The basic cost of refilling black ink cartridge is less then $1 and Same For Color Ink cartridges.

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The basic cost for for refilling Black toner cartridge is Under $2.

For Color Laser Toner Refilling it cost's approx $15.

Now you just calculate how much you are getting charged.


We are from cartridge refilling store,with experience of cartridge refilling more then 10 years.

We will guide you how to refill your printer cartridges.

Whether its laser or ink-jet.
Color or black cartridge.

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Once you understand how to refill the cartridge.You can refill your cartridge every-time for free,when its empty.

Suppose you have two cartridge one black and one color.

So you just have to pay $4 and we will guide you step by step to get your cartridge refill,online.
So you can do it.
We will help you,till you are not comfortable with refilling your cartridge.

Same for Laser Cartridges.We will just charge you $2 to explain you how to refill your laser cartridges.


1) Using Refilled Cartridge In Printer,will damage the printer.

This is very wrong.The fact is using low quality refill ink and laser powder will damage the printer or cartridge.But if you use quality ink,then nothing will get damaged.We at our service center are using refilled cartridges since 12 years and the printer is still working as good as new.

2) Instead Of Refilled Cartridge I prefer Using Compatible Cartridge.

Now what is recycled cartridge or what is compatible cartridge.Most of re-ccled cartridges are one time used cartridges.Compatible cartridges are one time used cartridges.The cartridge is cleaned and then good quality ink is used to fill it and sold as compatible cartridge.So instad of buying compatible cartridge,you can get your own cartridge refilled.

3) How Many Times A cartridge Can Be Refilled?

Basically the cartridge can be refilled N-number of timer.
But as per our experience if you maintain your printer vell and use your printer regularly to take printouts then cartridges have good life.If you rarely use printer hen cartridges get dried and then stop printing.

For black cartridges it can be refilled 3 to 4 times.For color cartridge it can be refilled twice.
For laser cartridges it can be refilled lots of times,just a drum and internal roller,blades get worn out by time and you have to replace that.

4) Are all parts easily available in local market?

Yes the all required parts are easily available.You need good quality ink,OPC drum,rubber roller,wiper blade,doctor blade,toner power,tissue paper, etc.
And this is all easily available.

5) Will You help us selecting the best quality parts?

Yes of course i will help you. Also i will confirm you with the cost,if its too much costly.I will suggest you to go to another dealer who sells such printer cartridge parts.

6) Will You ship required inks and powder at my Place?

Of course,i will ship the part,but i think this are common parts and easily available everywhere.But still if you are not able to get i will ship it to your place.You will have to pay the required charges of shipping and material cost.

7) What if i am not able to refill my cartridge after i pay you $2?

Its a very simple procedure.It hardly take minutes to refill cartridges.we will guide you at our best possibility,and you will be able to refill the cartridge.But if in some rare case if you are not able to refill it,then you can re-use your $2 for any other cartridge.May be of your friend or colleague or neighbor.

Yes but if we are not able to guide you for any particular cartridge,then you will get the refund.


Just send your printer details with 
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