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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Should I Buy These Used Car

Before Buying Used Car

Beware of buying used cars

Q: Hey there, looking to purchase a used car and the owner states the only problem is with the fan. He says the car overheats quickly and there may be something wrong with something called a "Gasket". Obviously I don't know what the heck any of these items are since I'm only a driver and not knowledgeable or interested in them at all. Please respond with your answer and possible solution(s). I'd also like to know on average what I should expect to pay for either of these repairs to be done.

A: Stay away! In no way would I recommend purchasing that vehicle! The problems you described are big dollars that could easily double the cost of the vehicle. Before purchasing any used vehicle you should take it to your technician and have a thorough inspection performed. Also, just driving around the block doesn't provide enough information. To identify problems with the suspension, brakes, steering, engine, etc. the vehicle should be driven a minimum of 10 miles over a variety of driving conditions. An extended drive time allows the driver to become accustomed to the vehicle and any oddities that the vehicle may have. When purchasing a used vehicle, always proceed with caution.

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