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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Check Engine Light Comes ON again n again

Jeep Cherokee Check Engine Light Will Not Reset

Q: Problem noticed on 1996 Grand Cherokee Lorado has 97K on it. I have taken care of the vehicle pretty well. Recently driving in upstate NY the check engine light came on. When I shut the it off and started it after a few minutes, the light remained on. I went on to remove the battery cable in order to reset the computer; this worked for a little while maybe 3 weeks. Within that time, I was getting very bad gas mileage, so I changed the O2 sensor. The one near the exhaust manifold was fouled and checking the one on the converter was ok . Also I’ve poured Textron additive because it was sluggish on initial take off from a stop. At times I’d lose power when I accelerated hard in overdrive. The light went on again, even when I reset it again by removing the battery cable it came on within the hour and the mileage is still bad. What do you think could be the cause of this problem, or do I need to go to the dealer for a diagnostic check up.

A: Yes you need to go to a dealer or and independent repair facility to get the answer to your vehicle’s problem. Also, whatever you do, "do not" unhook the battery before you go! Unhooking the battery causes the computer not only to reset, but in the process all information that the computer has to share, with the technician servicing your vehicle, is lost. An empty computer file will have no diagnostic information and you will get a bill for telling you there is nothing wrong. So, make the appointment, drive the vehicle and leave the battery alone. With the Check Engine Light on the computer will have the information you need to get your Jeep back to good running order.

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