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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Understanding Vehicle Technical Service Bulletin Process?

What is a Technical Service Bulletin

Where should i go when TSB is issued for my vehicle?

Is it free repair or service at dealer if TSB is released?

Below i will explain you Complete Theory of TSB in Detail :----

A Service Bulletin in the automotive trade is called a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB). TSB's would be better described as a problem/solution bulletin. TSB's can cover a large array of problems.

Let's start with the repair manuals and time guides. It is not uncommon for the diagnostic or repair procedure to be incorrect, just plain wrong, in the repair manual.

Nobody is going to reprint the whole manual, instead TSB's are issued to alert the tech and be used as an insert. TSB's report on updated repair procedures and new parts to replace problem parts.

  • TSB's have fixes for some of the strangest problems like dash itches to providing information on just how a component or system should be operating. 
  • TSB's also report on warranty information and in the event if a warranty is extended due to product problems. On today's high tech vehicle's performing a TSB search is nearly second nature and just part of what an up to date repair facility does for its customers. 
  • One final note, TSB's are not be to confused with safety recalls. The work performed for a Safety Recall is free to the vehicle owner. 
  • TSB's are there to aid in solving problems and providing up to date repair information. Repair is not free unless the vehicle is still under warranty.

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