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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fact About Tornado/Cyclone Fuel Savers

Are These Tornado/Cyclone Real Fuel Savers OR Not?

Q: It shows ads on TV regarding saving fuel and I think it's too good to be true. So, do the Tornado fuel savers really work and save you money? Please Guide me regarding these before i go for these product?

A: Here are my thoughts on these marvels of technology that have eluded engineers from all of the car and truck manufacturers. Just imagine a miracle product that would increase horsepower and gas mileage! After all, if you got better gas mileage it would mean you also reduced emissions! The world’s dependency on oil would be washed away! Along with this special you would get the cap snaffle.  It snaffles caps off of any size jug or bottle and it really really works! But wait there’s more!!! If it is surely a marvel of technology and it really really works the inventor would be rich and living on an island not pushing their wares in infomercials. As for the cap snaffle, it really does work, I have one.

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