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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cruise Control Not Working On Jeep

Jeep Cherokee Cruise Control Has No Power

Cruise Control Fuse Location

Q: Its a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I cannot find a fuse for the cruise control, and it seems to have no power to it. The light on the dash will not come up when the cruise control is activated. I have looked under the hood and on the passenger side door panel fuse holders, and the cruise control doesn't seem to be indicated in those two areas.

A: You’re not really going to find a fuse for the cruise control on your Jeep. Why? The cruise control unit is controlled by the vehicle computer and receives its power supply from the same computer. If power is not being supplied to the speed control servo you want to inspect the stop light switch. The stop light switch, on your vehicle is really 3 switches in one. One part of the switch is for the stoplights. The other two parts are for the cruise control and, if not operating correctly, the cruise control will not operate. Also be sure to check the vacuum supply to the cruise control unit. It is not uncommon for a vehicle of that age to have cracked vacuum hoses. A cracked vacuum hose will result in a loss of vacuum supply. Too little, or no vacuum supply equals no cruise control. There are a few checks you can make with a voltmeter, but to get down and dirty with the cruise control on your vehicle requires a computer scan tool too.

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