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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quality Gasoline For Vehicle

How To Know About Quality Of Gas Used For Vehicle

Buying Cheaper Gasoline For Car

Q: In  New Hampshire few Wholesale Food Clubs  sell gasoline at least 10 cents a gallon less than brand names. How can they do that and can this product be harmful to an engine?....Gerald.

A: First, ask yourself why you go to the Wholesale Club to buy their product? The answer more often than not is price. When a company as big as these wholesaler's want to buy product they have unsurpassed buying power. They go directly to the manufacturer and order, not a truck load, but train loads of product. As for gasoline? Buying power, combined with volume of sales, allows for the pricing you're seeing. There are state and federal laws that govern gasoline. The manufacturer and retailer of gasoline are open to a big pile of trouble if the gasoline being sold is mislabeled or does not meet state and federal standards. Hey, whenever I'm buying a 40lb bag of cheese curls I fill my gas tank too!

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