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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Synthetic engine oil OR conventional engine oil

Best Engine Oil To Use

Synthetic Oil, How Long Will It Go?

Q: Vehicle miles getting close to  first oil change.Its for 1999 Ford Explorer (3000 miles). Would there be much of an advantage to go to synthetic oil after the break in period? Can you go longer between oil changes with synthetic or do you lose the protection if you go longer?

A: As per my Auto garage Repair Experience i will suggest Synthetic engine oil to be used.Synthetic engine oil is a better product than conventional engine oil. Generally, synthetic oils exceed all car and light truck manufacturer warranty requirements. Can you go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil? If you have a new vehicle you'd better not! Whether you're using conventional motor oil or synthetic you must change the engine oil as required by the vehicle manufacturer. The reason? The manufacturer, can and has, the right to void the warranty on the vehicle's engine if the engine oil is not changed as specified (mileage/time) in the Owner's Manual. I use synthetic oil myself, there's no doubt in my mind that synthetic oil will provide superior protection to your vehicle's engine. As for extending your oil change intervals? Stick to the manufacturer's recommended service intervals, or you could lose your warranty protection.

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