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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Buick Alternator Makes Taping Noise

Noisy Alternator

Buick LeSabre, Failing Alternators 

Q: My Buick LeSabre is making a loud tapping noise. As per noise it appears to be coming from the alternator. The alternator has been replaced twice since 1997. Could it be the alternator again? Or its something else?

A: It can be again alternator.But to confirm the problem,you have to first check it.Try these simple test.
Remove the serpentine belt and spin the alternator by hand to check for bearing problems, etc. If the alternator is the cause then it will have to be replaced again. Be sure to check the mounting bolts and brackets for looseness or wear that would cause mounting strain on the alternator. Also be sure that the automatic belt tensioner is not binding. A failing tensioner can raise havoc with belt driven accessories.

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