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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Squeaking Brakes

Jeep Cherokee Brake Squeaks

Q: Brake job done on our 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee back in April of 1998. A few weeks later I went back because the brakes were squealing. They said, "It's supposed to sound like that because there is no more asbestos in the brakes". They also said, "It will wear off after I run the car a while and put on a few miles". I recently took it back again in June of this year. Again they said, "Nothing is wrong, they are suppose to squeal". I asked them," How come the brakes don't squeal on the new cars in this lot?" No reply! My question to you. What do you think? Is there anything I can do about this?... Squeaking brakes!!!!!!!

A: Well, you've got them. The brakes are not supposed to squeal on your vehicle, but the noise doesn't mean the brakes are unsafe, there could be other factors. The squealing noise is an indication that not all the necessary procedures were followed while the brake job was being performed, or that the friction material used on the brakes was of questionable quality. The high frequency squealing sound, when braking, is caused by brake pads vibrating. Improper assembly procedures are the most common cause for brake squeal. Proper inspection, preparation, cleaning and lubrication of braking components is critical in preventing brake squeal. Also, realize that not all braking materials, brake pads or shoes, are created equal. Discount brake pads or shoes are not of the same quality engineering and material as original equipment or quality aftermarket brakes. It's like re-capped tires compared to radials tires. They both do the same job but...

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