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Monday, 6 June 2016

Honda CR-V hood release cable broken

CRV hood release cable is broken,

How do you reconnect the top of the hood release cable when the hood wont open
You can see the cable if you pull on the hood as far as it will go

2002 CRV hood release cable is broken, or disconnected at the latch end
How can I open the hood

If it's loose it either broke at the cable or the end piece.
You have to get to the back of the latch and move the release arm. I usually try and get under the vehicle and remove the plastic splash shield from the bottom and get a long screwdriver or something I can fish up from the bottom to that arm to "pop" it open. Here's a couple pictures showing the release arm and latch so you can see where they are located.

The release arm (marked B) will release the primary latch. Then you can release the second safety latch like normal. That arm needs to come down . I have this extra long radiator hose pick that's angled just right to grab it and then I pull down to pop it.

 in the first diagram the B label is actually what is facing down in the car. weird how the picture is angled. So when you say "pull down" you mean pull it toward the letter B in the picture. Right?
Do you pull down on the flange that appears to stick out behind (which is toward the back of the car, or the kind-of-hook-thing that is toward the front of the car? Any chance of a diagram of your tool? The sheild that B's arrow is touching appears to be in the way for navigating a tool into position. any further tips?

The ball at the end of the cable holds the cable to the lever or release arm. You need to pull that lever or release arm down in the picture just like it would naturally if the cable was working. The B is up and the A is down. It looks funny in the picture if you're not used to it. From below the car you'll be grabbing the lever or release arm with something and pulling down.

 It's like a rod with a bent end. Remember though sometimes you can get to the release arm through the grill so don't overlook that option. I always check out what I'm working on and how I can get it to release. Some you have to go from under some through the grill.


We managed to break the button snaps that hold the grill without damaging the grill by prying up the hood about 1/2 inch. resulting in the need to buy a new latch mechanism. 

this is the bad about these cables when they break.
you will have to gain access from under the front splash shied area and manually release the latch. you will see the cable as it attaches to the latch.


TO gain access from under the front splash shield area.if you have a lift this is the best way.
you can use a long screw driver or what ever you can use to reach up their.
if you remove the lower front splash shield you will be able to do this.


  1. This works,it might take some time as it's fiddly getting the latch to disengage, but stick with it. I managed it without lifting the car, you need a long tool to reach the mechanism though. I ended up using a long stick!

  2. I just had this happen to my 2005 CRV. I really struggled with this and wanted to give a tip based on my experience, just in case someone else stumbles across this.

    There were a few good forums that helped me out, this post and picture really helped but I was getting confused because I keep seeing people say use a screw driver and pull down on the lever. This just made no sense to me, it would make more sense to push the lever horizontally. I am assuming they meant pull down on the lever based on the picture since it is shown sideways.

    I had to take off the splash guard. There is very limited visibility. The lever that needs moved is attached to the small spring. The lever was hard to see for me because of the metal guard beneath it. It does kind of poke out a little bit but I was having trouble with the screwdriver because the manifold was getting in the way.

    Someone suggested a long Radiator Hose Hook. I could not find one long enough but I was able to find something very similar. A sturdy piece of metal that had an angled end. I was able to get the tool behind the latch at the end of the spring and then push it horizontally towards the right (passenger side). At first it didn't seem to want to move but I put some effort into it and it finally started moving and then the hood popped.

    This was a pain but can definitely be done. I just struggled with where the latch was and how it exactly worked.

  3. Guys, I had the same problem as the two people above. I messed around trying to do what they said for over 2 hours. The picture above is very confusing. When you're laying on the ground looking up at the release mechanism, you see the cable entering the left side and you see the bottom part of the "B" mechanism. Take a small screwdriver and insert it right above the "B" part, (insert it from the right side, so that you'll be pushing toward the DRIVER'S door). It doesn't take much force at all to release the latch. I messed around pushing toward the passenger door, trying to move the spring, trying to pull down etc and nothing worked. Finally, I said to myself, try pushing in the direction that the cable would be pulling, and it popped right off. You can't see the part that will be moving...just know that you'll hit it if you insert your screwdriver in line with the cable, but from the right side so that you're pushing left (toward the driver's side door).