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Monday, 6 June 2016

Auto lock system / alarm going off, car wont start

Auto lock system / alarm going off, car wont start

Nissan 02 altima

Its the factory auto door lock & alarm system,when I use the key chain lock/unlock its stooped working so when I use the key to open the door, the alarm go's off. I somehow got the horn to stop but now it won't start at all I think that the car's computer has shut down the stater as It's anit-theft mec. The vehicle wiil not start ! The alarm was activated, And I tried to turn it off by starting the vehicle, and now it won't start !

Nissan did not come out with auto lock till 2010. So if your doors auto lock, then the after market alarm is keeping the truck from starting.

Try this solution:----

Lets first do this and set the alarm and turn it off to make sure that isn't what is causing your problem. Do not use the remote, use the key. Open the drivers window.

Lock all the doors from the out side using the key at the drivers door. The security light should turn solid for about 20 seconds. Then start to blink. Leave the key in the door, and when the light starts to blink, reach in and unlock the door and open it. This will set off the factory alarm, then use the key in the door to unlock the door and that will turn it off. Then see if the truck starts.

Also let me know if the key is turning in the ignition and if the engine is turning over and not starting or if nothing happens when you turn the key.

This will help.

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