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Monday, 6 June 2016

Honda crv whining noise

Honda crv whining noise while driving

Honda CRV is making a loud whining noise when I am driving, but the sound stops immediately when I step on the brake. What is it?

Normally this is caused by worn out brake pads, the wear sensor is contacting the brake rotor and causing the squeal that you are hearing. The squeal will stop when you apply the brakes. I would suggest having you brakes checked.

Screeching/Whine from engine

Sounds like the serpentine belt is squealing, possible bad pulley or belt tensioner, should take off the belt and inspect all the pulleys and replace as necessary, with a new belt.

CRV whining noise like hydraulic pump or air conditioner.

Ok the noise is under the hood not inside the vehicle correct ?

Ok then it's one of two issues. The serpentine belt tensioner is starting to fail. What happens is the bearing overtime in the tensioner starts to fail and causes this issue . When the a/c is on there's more stress on the tensioner that's why the noise gets louder. The other issue is a problem with the compressor clutch and coil. Seen these heat up when the a/c is on and also cause this noise to be louder. These are the most common issues for this noise . These need to be checked next . 

If its just the compressor clutch and coil they can replace that about 300 parts and labour . If the entire compressor is bad then it would run about 600 parts and labour . These are dealer prices and would be less at a shop 

Honda crv started making a whining noise. It starts when I start the car and stays even if I'm stopped and in idle or if I'm driving.

It is loud enough to hear inside the car and out, I would say pretty loud...it is coming from the front, under the hood, 

the noise is coming from the alternator. Would it cause a loud whining noise if it were going out?

Yes it can. The bearings inside can go bad and make a whining noise for sure. If you take off the alternator belt and start the engine you can confirm that's the cause for sure. Hope that helps.

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  1. Our 2016 CRV has a whine in the drivetrain when letting off the gas and slowing down. No brake applied. The car is 4 moths old and has 6,500 miles on it. We just noticed it last night. Any ideas?