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Monday, 4 February 2013

Technical Service Bulletin Recalls For Jeep Cherokee

Safety Recalls For Jeep Cherokee

Q: Need listing of the recalls (safety and other) for  1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Can you help me find this list? All I am able to find are some safety recalls and next to no Service Bulletins.

A: Any person can check on safety recalls by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 or at www.nhtsa.dot.gov. As for TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) that is a different story. First you have to understand that a TSB involves a problem. The first problem with a problem is its definition. In the Webster’s big book a problem is defined as 1. a question proposed for solution or consideration. 2. a question, matter situation, or person that is perplexing or difficult. 3. in mathematics (hey this doesn’t count here forget it, need the space) The problem is there is no #4. who pays to fix the problem? Is it the tech? No, he/she works for the dealership. After all you can’t feed a family or own a house if you don’t get paid. The dealership? Yea at first they’re stuck with the cost until they get the money out of the folks who designed and built the vehicle. Of course the first thing they say is there’s no problem- must be your techs. Once enough dealerships are screaming, (just like their customers) the maker realizes Oh, maybe there is a problem. In the interim the solution, or an in the field fix is found. Here’s where the cost of a TSB really jumps. The maker has to get this information out to all the other dealerships, to let their techs know how to fix the problem, which may include redesigned parts. Also if the car is new enough the repairs may be for free (eegkads!). Getting the TSB out to all the dealers and techs, not to mention any parts, costs big bucks. Loss of big bucks means loss of big bucks! There are research and development costs, warehousing, distribution costs, transportation & delivery costs, installation costs, not to mention the white shirts trying to justify their corporate existence, it just plain cost money! Then a person like you or me comes along and asks for this information for free? Right! Hey they got the investment and need a return. Even the folks at ALLDATA Information Systems  have to pay for the information and the right to reprint it. Whether it’s computers, medicine, law or cars information is not free. Someone (that is you or me) has to pay for information in its final form.

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