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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vehicle Computer Module Reset

How to Reset ECM/ECU

Car Computer Reset Or Car Computer Software Reset

Q: Options for dumping the computer by taking the negative terminal off and touching it to the positive for 20 seconds to clear the computer of any stored codes. If so, will a vehicle that’s equipped with air bags, possibly deploy the air bag?

A: Actually it’s a common practice to disconnect both battery terminals and not only hold them together but to connect them for the duration of the service being performed. For example when servicing the air bags some vehicles require the battery cables being joined for 15 minutes to a half hour before performing service or repairs that involve the air bag system. It is not uncommon for today’s vehicles to have several computers on-board. Inside the computers there are capacitors that will hold/store electrical energy. Connecting the battery cables provides a means of dissipating this stored energy without causing any harm. In most cases (not all vehicles) the software to operate the systems is not volatile and will be safely retained in the computer/s. If you have an anti-theft radio be sure you have the radio code so it can be reactivated.

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