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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Adding Fuel Additive to Fuel System


Can Fuel Additive Kill a Fuel System? Yes OR No?

Q: Actually I added some STP "Jet Fuel" fuel additive to my vehicles fuel system. And since after that my fuel pump goes out. Is this a problem with the additive or a coincidence?  PleaseHelp!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: Its not good to be applying mechanic tricks without mechanical knowledge.
Why did you add the fuel treatment? Did you feel that your vehicle wasn't running right? I often find that customers, who normally do not use fuel additives, will suddenly change their habits when their vehicle doesn't seem to be running right. More often than not, this is a reaction to a problem that is surfacing with a vehicle, but has not fully manifested itself. Fuel additives such as STP’s Jet Fuel as with other such additives are meant to be used as maintenance products. These additives are not meant to repair a part that is failing. Their job is to help clean and maintain engine performance. There is no doubt in my mind that your vehicle’s fuel pump was failing. It is just a coincidence and nothing more.

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