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Monday, 4 February 2013

All Gauges Not Working

Troubleshooting Gauges Issues On Jeep

Jeep Cherokee, Gauge Problems 

Q: All gauges: The speedometer, tachometer, and gas gauge on 1996 Jeep Cherokee not working.Tried replacing the instrument cluster pod and still have the same problem. When they went out they would work off and on and the needles bounced around at times, then went out for good. Any suggestions?

A: Start with checking the fuses. The number 7 fuse in the fuse panel is a main player in powering up the instrument cluster in your Jeep. You should also realize that the action of the instrument cluster displays (speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, etc.) are primarily a result of information processed by a computer called a Body Control Module (BCM). Because so many of your gauges are acting strangely the BCM is suspect. The BCM does have built in diagnostic abilities that can be accessed with a scan-tool. Virtually all of the lights and gauges on your dash can be operated via the scan-tool, through the BCM, for confirming function. Before replacing any more costly instrument clusters or installing a replacement BCM (the cost of a replacement BCM will create respiratory problems), be sure to check the fuses and electrical connectors. Proper diagnosis will save you money.

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