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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Auto Repair Mechanic Is Cheating On Me



Q: Having trouble with a mechanic who had worked on my auto. I am seeking organizations or some place that keeps files on bad mechanics. He operates out of three businesses that are cash only operations. Also, the mechanic had made additional repairs without my knowledge and charged me extra! I to had paid the mechanic, but instead of getting a receipt I got a deposit slip. I am being taken advantage of! I do not know where to turn to? Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: Very Sad to here that.I dont know why these helpers forget there aim " Honesty is the Best Policy".
We all are public helpers and for the public.
I know why he only took cash! He hadn’t had time to get a checking account for his three businesses. No wait! To open a checking account for a business the company name has to be registered with the state before the bank will allow the account to be opened. Oh, he had three businesses, it takes a lot of time register those businesses. But you just wait, once the businesses are registered you can go to the better business bureau and file a complaint. I’m curious to just what led you to take your vehicle to a cash for repairs mechanic? Was it the low labor rate or bring your own parts? I mean something had to draw you in? If I called a contractor to work on my house and found that he only expects cash under three possible business names I wouldn’t let him on the property and you let a guy like this work on your car? Oh, I’m sure this cash only “dude” had plenty of insurance too. Look, for a reputable business to open, the owner has to lay a lot out on the line. But there’s more to it than just money. A real business is held to a higher level of accountability. This accountability is enforced by state laws and regulations to aid and protect the consumer. When you do business with people like “the dude” you’re on your own. Yes it is likely you were taken advantage of. It is unlikely you have any reasonable recourse. Where do you turn now? The right direction is away from “the dude’s” shop to a real repair facility. Education comes in many forms. This is one of those life lessons, be sure to learn by it.

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