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Friday, 16 November 2012

Water heater drain location

Problem with Rheem 40 GAL ELEC TALL Water Heater 6YR SC 82VH402

How to drain71- 40 .where is drain need to replace hearer need to drain first. 50 gal

Solution 1:---
There is usually a spigot right at the base of the water heater. Thread a garden hose on the spigot and route the garden hose outside. Of course be sure to pull the power breaker first. After you are sure that the power is off, turn the spigot handle and let the water flow. Be sure that you turn the inlet valve off that is located on the top feed pipe. Be sure to turn the feed back on before you power up as this will ensure that the upper and lower calrods are covered before you power on.

Solution 2:--
1. Turn off the breaker at the panel box, it should be marked, " Water heater," or WH.
2. You should be able to find a spicket on the bottom.
3. Connect a standard garden hose to the spicket at the tank and run the other end
to the location you want to drain the water to.
4. Turn the spicket handle to the left, " counter clockwise " to allow the water in the tank
to start draining.
5. On the top of the tank, in the center, you should find a pipe, and on the top of the pipe
there should be a little tag that says, " pressure release valve ", use your fingers to put
this small metal switch in a straight up position.

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