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Friday, 16 November 2012

92 ford falcon speaker sound is low

Problem with  Car Audio Amplifier

My car is a 92 ford falcon when u play Basie music u can only just here it out side the car but when u pop the bot u can rarely here it.What can i do to make it louder out side the car.

Its in the amp and sub itself, what kind are you running, facing the sub forward helps amplify the sound forward and vice verse  id seal the boot up with sound deadener or poly-fill  the less movement in the car the higher the chance the bass can travel, if its the thump you want make sure you have the lpf (low pass filter) switched on the amp, raise the gain and if you can do it on your amp bridge the wires, more info would be great on what your running. if you have the slat feature on head unit turn that up, bass frequency on head unit and amp should be between 55 to 80 up to 110 on both amp and sub.

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