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Friday, 16 November 2012

1000 watt sony XPLOD amp LED turns RED

Problem with Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

I have 1000 watt sony XPLOD amp and i just

I have 1000 watt sony XPLOD amp and i just installed it today. with new monster cable&ground. the green light turns on& thumping goes for a little. i try to raise up just a little bit& after 2 thumps my amp light turns red.. whats happening??


I think if I'm correct you are running to many speakers and have your ohm load to low for the amp causing it to go into protection. 1 single voice coil speaker equals 4 ohms for every speaker you have divide 4 ohms by number of speakers (ie. 2 single voice coil speakers equals 2 ohms or 1 dual voice coil speaker equals 2 ohms) this is for parallel wiring. For series wiring do the opposite if you have 2 speakers you are running an ohm load of 8 ohms the same for a dual voice coil ran in series. Series is positive on the amp to positive on hook up A negative of hook up A to positive of hook up B negative of hook up B to negative on the amp.


It isn't getting enough power and its tripping the internal switch on the amp and putting it in safe mode. either your wire isn't a high enough gauge. you might need a capacitor or you need bigger wire.

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