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Friday, 16 November 2012

SONY Amp wont kick on

Problem with Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

Amp wont kick on

I have the power to + and grounded, i don't have remote tho do i need that, and i only have one fuse on the actual amp there's 2 slots for fuses tho but my cousin said i only need on and that's the one on the side closet to power and ground.

You have to install the remote wire or it will not work. I'd put in the other fuse as well just in case you have the fuse in the wrong slot or it needs both fuses.


The amp will not turn on until it receives 12v via the remote turn on. Also, if your amp has two fuse slots, I would make sure they were both filled with the appropriate fuses.

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