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Friday, 16 November 2012

rheem water heater Not enough hot water,running out

Problem with Rheem 40 GAL ELEC TALL Water Heater 6YR SC 82VH402

Not enough hot water,running out before I'm finished showering.


Hot water heaters are a touchy thing. There performance depends on your demand. If you are using an energy saving shower head I would expect you to have enough hot water for easily a couple of showers. But, if your using the "power flush" type shower heads that use 3.5 gpm or more, the 40 gallon heater is not enough. Also, consider type of water your heating. Is it well water or municipal. Unsoftened well (this includes some municipal well supplies too) water causes hardness ions to cake the heater element making them less efficient. If you have the low flow shower, it is likely you have an element burnt out. They can simply be replaced and picked up at any big box store for less than $20 dollars. Each element can be tested in place with a continuity tester. If your not sure how to test, but would be willing to replace the elements - replace both of them. You will have to shut off power to heater and drain tank completely before removing elements. Replace elements with same wattage or higher. Most have two 2250 watt elements for a total of 4500 watts. you can easily install two 3000 watt elements and have a quicker recovery rate and more hot water than ever.

If it is a 40 gallon tank,. and has the potential to produce plenty of hot water. then drain out the hot water tank! it may have a lot of scale build up in it. a water heater has to be drained at least every year or so. but that depends on the quality of the water going to it. they say its a good practice to drain out a few gallons every 6 months, to ensure it is clean. but i have a 40 gallon tank, and it has been in for about 5 years. no problems. but the water going in is real good. just hook a hose to bottom drain, and run out a few gallons till it appears clean or all sludge is out.


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