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Friday, 16 November 2012

sony Xplod 600w amp Power led is red

Problem with Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

My sony Xplod 600w amp just stopped working and the power light is red, How do I get it re set to green so the amp will work? I have no blown fuses on the amp or at the battery.

I had just had the same problem with my xplod554ZR, i have sofar found no solution and have even opened up the amplifier only to discover that it isnt like most amplifiers, it does not have internal fuses as well as external.

  • Your ground needs to be tight under the bolt.
  • Make sure that all of your wires are still hooked up tight and not loose.start there and see what happens.
  • Also if the amp senses that the subwoofer isnt stong enough it will shut itself of and show a red light this happened to me earlier and it kept showing redlight until i changed the sub

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