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Friday, 16 November 2012

POWER ISSUUE :Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

Problem with Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

Quick question about the power

I have the 12volt live wire connected to the car battery, and a remote wire connected to the aux power supply..... The amp works and everything is fine. My question is, when the car is off, the power light (green) is still on. IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE???...the reason why I ask is because, me being a moron, spliced the live 12v wire from the battery to both terminals (REM & 12v), of course the amp worked fine, but overnight it completely drained the battery ( had to get a new battery), I don't want the same thing to happen again.

The remote turn on terminal on the amp needs to be connected to a switched power source. Typically, it's the remote turn-on/power antenna wire on the head unit. If your head unit doesn't have such a control wire, connect the remote turn-on terminal to a wire that's controlled by the ignition switch. 

It's VERY important to fuse all of the wires properly. If you're unsure of the proper fuse for a given wire size, read pages 14 and 16 of the Basic Car Audio Electronics site. 

No you will need your separate remote wire connected to either the back on you deck or to a source that completely cuts off with the car. Your battery is always powered you amp needs a cut off source to tell it to turn off when the car is off.

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