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Friday, 16 November 2012

How do I hook up a sub woofer

Problem with Sony Xplod XM-554ZR Car Audio Amplifier

How do I hook up a sub woofer to my Sony 52wx4 radio. I dont have a wiring diagram?

You can hook it up a couple of ways.

Depending on how many subs you have and what ohms they are running at here is the chart you need. If your going to run one sub off it the last option is the way to go. Your going to need to find out the power of your subs or else the power could be off and you could blow the sub. If the rms power is higher than 130watts per coil you will be fine. If so there are four channels on the amp and two should show a line going to each other that says bridge. Hook up the positives and the negative of the subs as shown on the amp that will get your max power. If your sub is running at 4 ohm. Let me know, if not thats how you would do it.

Also for the power and remote wires. Hook up a power wire (16 gauge would be plenty fine) from the battery to the + terminal of the amp. Then take an equal or bigger sized wire from the - side of the amp and secure it to any medal part of the body of the car. If there is paint on it get if off. (not on the outside of your car or where any water would be.) Then run a remote wire from your stereo (most the times it is blue and white) to the remote terminal of the amp. This tell the amp when to turn on and off. Your amp will not turn on with out all of these wires. Good luck to you and let me know how it works out.

4 x 55W RMS @ 4Ohm

4 x 65W RMS @ 2Ohm

1 x 130W RMS @ 4Ohm - Bridge

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