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Friday, 3 July 2015

volvo v70 2002 is showing the warning 'abs/anti-skid service reqd'

volvo warning 'abs/anti-skid service reqd'

volvo v70 2002 is showing the warning 'abs/anti-skid service reqd', also the driver side front wheel makes a screeching sound not unlike worn down pads on discs when making a right or left
The vehicle has done 170k miles and I replaced the water pump and belts in March 2011. However, I did not refit the plastic inner wing till Nov of 2011. Could this have anything to do with noises and warnings I am now receiving. I guess I am keen to know if the problems are wheel speed sensors or ABS/ECU issues.

Get that car Jacked up and pull the wheel and do a very close inspection. It could be any thing from a rock in the Caliper, to loose wheel bearings to bad brake pads to a bad CV Joint.Inspect for where there is any fresh wear or grind marks on your suspension to check for integrity. Also if you have run over a piece of wire it could be wrapped up int he CV axle.

Inspect the brakes/suspension first. If pads and suspension are ok then have the ABS system scanned for faults. You have either a bad wheel speed sensor activating the ABS or a bad ABS module. Volvo has lots of issues with this. The ABS/Tracs control module has solder joints that go bad in the control module 99% of the time it is the issue. Have the module repaired/replaced.

any noise coming from the front wheel while turning leaves me thinking front constant velocity joint if the car is front wheel drive. With the abs light on I would take down the front driver side wheel and check the brakes for wear along with the front wheel bearing assembly for play or loosness, Check for the sensors to make sure they havent came off and are rubbing your rotors as you make your turn. It can be a number of things. Usually when its the front constant velocity joint it makes a popping noise as if something is binding. As for the front wheel bearing assembly it could make noises usually after the car has been ran down the road and heated up the bearing then it will sing to you. But as you mentioned about the noise only during turning I would lean towards constant velocity joint or sensor hanging and rubbing the rotor, Its only one way to find out. Hope this helps.

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