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Friday, 3 July 2015

Key won't come out of ingnition

Key won't come out of ingnition

1999 Volvo V70

Key wont release from the ignition when the car is off. It is in park. Abs and service light is on. At this point the vehicle starts and drives so Im not sure what I should do.

I had the same problem and found that if I made sure the button on the shift lever is out all the way the key would come out. Mine was sticking and had to be pulled out, the spring had become weak on the shift knob.

Sound like 2 issues. Ignition key maybe that the cable to the shifter is out of adjustment. If the cable is out of adjustment/broken the key will not come out. ABS is probably a module. Volvo has lots of issues with this. The ABS/Tracs control module has solder joints that go bad in the control module 99% of the time it is the issue. Have the module repaired/replaced.

Jiggle the steering wheel while trying to remove the key.

Some cars, you have to push in and turn to a full off position before you can remove the key.

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