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Friday, 3 July 2015

Sputters and shakes when accellerating

Sputters and shakes when accellerating

2001 volvo v70. The car shakes and sputters when accelerating from 0 to 35 mph. Also the abs light and check engine light flashes really fast. There was also a slight metallic/rubber smell.

You have an engine misfire....unless you have expertise in this area you need to see your local shop as you will damage your catalytic converter if you continue to drive. 

Check the Coil Pack Rubber insulator boots. If you have one that is torn that will cause your problem. The Boots are only $8.50 each through IPD.

Sputtering is more than likely a bad ignition coil. If the MIL (check engine light) is flashing it indicates possible damage to the cat converter. LOTS of coil problems on these cars-Replace them all unless you want to keep bringing it back for the next year. ABS is probably a module. Volvo has lots of issues with this. The ABS/Tracs control module has solder joints that go bad in the control module 99% of the time it is the issue. Have the module repaired/replaced.

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