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Friday, 3 July 2015

Mini Torque Wrench Settings

Mini Torque Wrench Settings

Do those nuts and bolts up properly, or a wheel might fall off... if you've been trying to find correct torque wrench settings for your Mini here they are for just about everything that matters.
Suspension and Steering, Mk1/2
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Drive shaft coupling U bolts (rubber cross inner joints)8 to 121.11 to 1.66
Drive shaft nut (front hub, drum brakes). Continue tightening until next split pin slot aligns. Do not slacken off until the next slot aligns!608.3
Tie rod to front subframe20 to 242.8 to 3.3
Tie rod to lower front suspension wishbone17 to 202.8 to 3.3
Front suspension upper support arm pivot shaft nut45 to 606.2 to 8.3
Front suspension lower wishbone pivot shaft nut30 to 354.1 to 4.8
Wheel nuts40 to 455.5 to 6.2
Steering column/rack pinion clamp bolt8 to 101.11 to 1.38
Steering arm to swivel hub30 to 354.1 to 4.8
Steering track-rod end to steering arm20 to 242.8 to 3.3
Steering-wheel nut32 to 374.5 to 5.1
Swivel hub ball joint socket70 to 809.6 to 11.1
Swivel hub ball joint to suspension arms35 to 404.8 to 5.5
Track rod end to steering rack locknut35 to 404.8 to 5.5
Steering rack U-bolts to floor10 to 121.4 to 1.7
Steering-column clip bracket to cloumn clip and parcel shelf13 to 181.8 to 2.5
Rear suspension rear hub nut. Continue tightening until next split pin slot aligns. Do not slacken off until the next slot aligns!608.3
Rear radius arm pivot shaft nut45 to 606.2 to 8.3
Backplate to rear radius arm bolts18 to 222.5 to 3.0

Suspension and Steering, Mini Cooper 997/998cc
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Caliper retaining bolts35 to 404.8 to 5.5
Steering Lever ball joint25 to 303.4 to 4.1

Suspension and Steering, Mini Cooper S Mk1-3
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Drive Shaft Nut. Continue tightening until next split pin slot aligns. Do not slacken off until the next slot aligns!15020.7

Electrical Components
FastenerTorque (lbin)Torque (kgm)
Alternator (11AC) Brush box fixing screws100.115
Alternator (11AC) Diode heat sink fixings250.288
Alternator (11AC) through-bolts45 to 500.518 to 0.576
Alternator (16ACR) Shaft nut25 to 303.5 to 4.2
Distributor Clamp Bolt (fixed nut type)500.576
Distributor Clab Bolt (fixed bolt type)300.345

Engine (848cc, 998cc)
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Camshaft Nut60 to 708.3 to 9.7
Con Rod Big-end Bolts35 to 384.8 to 5.3
Crankshaft Pulley Nut70 to 809.7 to 11.1
Cylinder Head Stud Nuts405.5
Cylinder Side Cover3 to 40.42 to 0.55
Clutch Spring Housing to Pressure Plate set screws162.2
Driving Strap to Flywheel set screw162.2
Flywheel Centre Bolt110 to 11515.2 to 15.9
Flywheel Housing bolts and stud nuts182.5
Gudgeon Pin Clamp Screws22 to 253.0 to 3.5
Heater Control to Cylinder Head6 to 80.83 to 1.11
Main Bearing set screws60 to 658.3 to 9.0
Manifold to Cylinder Head12 to 161.7 to 2.2
Oil Filter Bown Centre Bolt12 to 161.7 to 2.2
Oil Pump6 to 90.83 to 1.25
Oil Pipe banjo35 to 404.8 to 5.5
Oil Pressure Release Valve - dome nut40 to 455.5 to 6.2
Rocker Cover3 to 40.41 to 0.55
Rocker Shaft Bracket Nuts22 to 253.0 to 3.5
Spark Plugs182.5
Timing Cover and Front Plate 1/4in UNF bolts4 to 60.55 to 0.83
Timing Cover and Front Plate 5/16in UNF bolts10 to 141.4 to 1.9
Water Pump14 to 181.9 to 2.5
Water Outlet Elbow6 to 90.83 to 1.25
Thermal Transmitter162.2
Engine (970cc, 1071cc, 1275cc)
Use this data in conjuction with the data for Engine (850, 998cc)
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Cylinder Head nuts (11 stud head)425.8
Cylinder Head bolt (11 stud head)253.5
Con Rod Big-end nuts (assemble dry only)405.5
Main Bearing set screws (early type)679.3
Main Bearing nuts (later type)577.9

FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Third Motion Shaft bearing retainer screws131.8
First Motion Shaft nut15020.7
Third Motion Shaft nut15020.7
Transmission Case to Crankcase60.8
Transmission drain plug253.5
Transmission case studs - 3/8in dia. UNC81.1
Transmission case studs - 5/16in dia. UNC60.8
Transmission case stud nuts 3/8in UNF253.4
Transmission case stud nuts 5/16in UNF182.5
Bottom Cover set screws 1/4in dia. UNC (change-speed tower)60.8

Final Drive
FastenerTorque (lbft)Torque (kgm)
Driven Gear to Differential Cage608.3
Driving Flange to Differential nut (tighten to next split pin hole)709.6
Differential Housing End Cover bolts182.5

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