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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to enable and access Galaxy Note 4 air command?

How to enable and access Galaxy Note 4 air command?

What is Galaxy Note 4 air command?

Air command is a unique S Pen feature in Galaxy Note devices since Galaxy Note 3.  You can access some features very quickly by hovering the S Pen over the screen. It can dramatically increase your productivity  for some tasks.
In Galaxy Note 3, as discussed in this air command explained post, there are 5 commands: Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window.
In Galaxy Note 4, Samsung re-organize the actions into 4:
  1. Action memo: Write memos quickly and link actions to them. You can make calls, send messages, search the web, and more. This is almost identical to that in Galaxy Note 3
  2. New! Smart select: Collect content from the screen quickly. You can collect content from webpages or music and videos during playback.
  3. New! Image clip: Draw around an area of the screen you want to save or share. You can also crop part of an image.
  4. Screen write: Capture, edit, and write memos on screenshots, and then share them. This is actually one of the preferred method to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4 as discussed in this guide.

For the usage of these 4 actions in Galaxy Note 4 air command, we will create individual guide.

How to access Galaxy Note 4 air command?

By default, when you remove the S pen from the S Pen slot, Galaxy Note 4 air command will be shown on the screen.
This is due to the default settings in Settings– S Pen –Detachment options as shown below.

As you may notice, actually, you can set the S Pen detachment options to action memo or none, instead of the air command.
Some owners are not aware that you can access Galaxy Note 4 air command at any time. I noticed some Galaxy Note 3 owners keep removing S Pen just to access air command.
Another way to access Galaxy Note 4 air command is  hovering  the S Pen over any part of the screen and press the S Pen button. So, you can access the air command whenever you want without putting back the S pen.
Please note,  you need release the S Pen button after pressing it, i.e., NOT holding the S Pen button.

How to enable/disable Galaxy Note 4 air command?

Sometimes, Galaxy Note 4 air command does not pop out when you take out the S pen or hover the S pen over the screen with S Pen button pressed.  You may accidentally disable the air command in your Galaxy Note 4.
To enable or disable Galaxy Note 4 air command, you can go toSettings–S Pen –Air command as shown below.
You may drag the switch to left to disable Galaxy Note 4 air command, right to enable it.
galaxy_note_4_air_command_settings_s_pen_air_command galaxy_note_4_air_command_settings_s_pen_air_command_enabled

Can you access and use Galaxy Note 4 air command now?

If you have any problems or questions using or accessing Galaxy Note 4 air command,   please post them in the comment box below.
We will try to help you find a solution.
If you have any tricks of using or accessing Galaxy Note 4 air command, please also share with the community in the comments.
More how-to guides , tips and tricks for using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are available at Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides page.

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