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Monday, 28 September 2015

Galaxy Note 4 How-To Guides

Galaxy Note 4 How-To Guides

Learn how to use Galaxy Note 4, detailed how-to guides
Galaxy_note_4_how_to_guides"Galaxy Note 4 is surely one of the best Android smartphones in 2014. As other Samsung smartphones, Galaxy Note 4 is packed with tons of features that you cannot find in other Android phones.
The unique S Pen (stylus) has many great features that you probably are not aware of.
So, this Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides page is created to help Galaxy Note 4 owners.
We try to keep all Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides in detail so that anyone can easily follow them."

If you are looking for the official Galaxy Note 4 user manual, you may download the PDF manual in your language here.

  1. How to turn off or turn on the touch light for the two capacitive buttons  (return and recent) on Galaxy Note 4?
  2. How to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4?
  3. How to access the hardware menu button (as in Galaxy Note 3) on Galaxy Note 4?
  4. How to turn off Flipboard briefing on Galaxy Note 4 home screen?
  5. How to create app folders on Galaxy Note 4 home screen and app drawer to organize apps?
  6. How to add widgets to Galaxy Note 4 home screen?
  7. How to use download booster on Galaxy Note 4?
  8. How to use fingerprint scanner on Galaxy Note 4?
  9. How to use Galaxy Note 4 side key panel?
  10. Meaning of Galaxy Note 4 status icons and notification icons
  11. How to customize Galaxy Note 4 ringtones?
  12. How to customize Galaxy Note 4 notification tones?
  13. How to silence Galaxy Note 4?
  14. How to create own vibration patterns on Galaxy Note 4?
  15. How to install S Note idea sketch and easy chart on Galaxy Note 4?
  16. How to enable and access Galaxy Note 4 air command?
  17. How to use Samsung keyboard on Galaxy Note 4?
  18. Galaxy Note 4 S View Flip Cover Guide?

How to turn off/on the touch key light (return and recent) on Galaxy Note 4?

 How to turn off/on the touch key light (return and recent) on Galaxy Note 4?


You can turn on/off touch key light on Galaxy Note 4

Similar to all previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy S phones, Galaxy Note 4 has 2 capacitive touch keys in each side of the home button.
The touch key in the right side of the home button is a return key or back key. The left one is called recent apps key showing the recently opened apps.
By default, when you touch either of the two touch keys, both of them will be illuminated. This can be embarrassing when you try to reply an urgent message in a  cinema.
In daytime, you seldom need the light to guide you.
Of course, lighting the touch keys may consume considerable battery  and therefore it may drain your battery noticeably if the duration of  illumination is too long.
In Galaxy Note 4, you now can turn on and turn off the touch key light to save battery.
This guide will show you how to turn on/off the touch key light, how to set the duration of the lighting, and how to access the new touch key light settings in Galaxy Note 4

How to turn on/off touch key light on Galaxy Note 4?

In Galaxy Note 4, the switch for turning on/off the touch key light and the settings for the duration is under Settings—Display and Wallpaper.
You can go to Settings, tap Display and wallpaper.
Tap Touch key light duration.  Then you have 4 options (same as other Galaxy devices):
  1. 1.5 seconds.  This means touch key light is on and the light goes off after 1.5 seconds.  This is the default setting.
  2. 6 seconds.
  3. Always off. This option essentially turn off touch key light. The touch key will never be illuminated. This setting will not be overwritten by any other settings.
  4. Always on.  This option turns on the touch key light permanently.  It is NOT recommended for most owners.

I  didn’t turn off the touch key light, but neither of the keys are illuminated on Galaxy Note 4. Why?

Among the 4 options mentioned above, in the old Galaxy devices, none of them can be overwritten by other settings.
In Galaxy Note 4, however,  options 1,2 and 4 can be overwritten by power saving mode.
So, this explains why your touch key light is off even your setting is on.
You can tune this settings at Settings–Power saving.
In Power saving page, tap Power saving mode.
Tap Restrict performance.
Now you can un-check Turn off touch key light (it is checked by default). This will turn on touch key light when power saving mode is enabled.
Of course, you can turn off restrict performance totally.


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