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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Galaxy Note 5 layout

Galaxy Note 5 layout

Get to know the layout of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The part name and major functions are illustrated in front view and rear view.

Galaxy Note 5 has a new and refreshed design. The location of some ports and buttons are quite different from those in Galaxy Note 4 or other Galaxy Note devices.
Galaxy Note 5 layout is actually similar to that of Galaxy S6 edge andGalaxy S6 edge+.
It is important to understand the Galaxy Note 5 layout before trying your phone if you want to use the phone properly (e.g., not cover the antenna area). This guide will show you the Galaxy Note layout and main functions of some parts.

Galaxy Note 5 layout: front view

The front (top, right and bottom) view of Galaxy Note 5 layout is shown below.
In the front of Galaxy Note 5, you will find:

  • LED indicator. This LED will light up and show different colors forcharging or notifications.
  • Proximity/light sensor. Galaxy Note 5 may use this sensor to adjust the screen brightness if you set brightness as auto. So, do not cover this area.
  • Touch screen. The screen will respond to your gestures depending on apps you are using. The Galaxy Note 5 touch screen gestures are discussed in this page.
  • Home key with fingerprint sensor. Tap this button to return to Galaxy Note 5 home screen. Fingerprint sensor is also embedded in this home key.
  • Recent Apps key. Tap this key to show a list of recent apps. You can quickly switch to them.
  • Back key. Tap back key to return to previous screen. The behavior in different apps may be different. If you need return to home screen quickly, use the home key.
  • Front camera.
In the bottom of Galaxy Note 5, you will find:
  • Headset jack. In previous Galaxy Note phones, the headset jack is on the top.
  • Microphone.
  • Loud speaker.
  • Micro USB port (multipurpose jack). This micro USB port is for you to charge Galaxy Note 5, or to connect Galaxy Note 5 to PC. You can also use this port to connect accessories, e.g., USB OTG storage.
  • S Pen and S Pen slot.
In the right side of your Galaxy Note 5, you will find:
  • Power key.  You can use power key to reboot the phone, lock the screen, or wake up screen. In some apps, you can assign some special functions for power key.
In the top of Galaxy Note 5, you will find:
  • SIM card tray. You need put your nano SIM card into the tray. Please followthis guide on how to use SIM card on Galaxy Note 5.
  • Microphone.

Galaxy Note 5 layout: front view

Galaxy Note 5 layout: rear view

Galaxy Note 5 layout: rear view
The rear view of Galaxy Note 5 layout is shown above.
In the back of Galaxy Note 5, you will find:
  • Rear camera (16MP main camera)
  • LED flash for main camera. You can also use the flash as torch.
  • Heart-rate monitor sensor. You can use the sensor to measure heart rate, SpO2 (Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) and stress level in S Health app. You can also use it as shutter button  when taking selfie.
  • GPS antenna, main antenna, NFC antenna and wireless charging coil are under the back cover.
In the left side of Galaxy Note 5, you will find the volume key (volume up and down)
You need pay attention to the location of antenna area as mentioned in the above Galaxy Note 5 layout.  You should not cover the antenna area with your hands or other objects. This may cause connectivity problems or drain the battery faster in Galaxy Note 5.
If you want to use a screen protector for Galaxy Note 5, using a Samsung-approved screen protector is recommended. Unapproved screen protectors may cause the sensors to malfunction.
Galaxy Note 5 is NOT water resistant. So, you should not allow water to contact the Galaxy Note 5 touchscreen or other parts. The touchscreen may malfunction in humid conditions or when exposed to water. In most regions, water damage to Galaxy Note 5 isNOT covered by Samsung local warranty.

Do you know Galaxy Note 5 layout now?

If you have any questions on Galaxy Note 5 layout or the functions, please let us know in the comment box below.
We will try to help you.
For other Galaxy Note 5 features and detailed Galaxy Note 5 how-to guides , please check Galaxy Note 5 how-to guides page.

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