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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Charging Galaxy S6 battery

Charging Galaxy S6 battery

How to charge Galaxy S6 battery, what is Galaxy S6 fast charging and what is Galaxy S6 wireless charging.

Update 1: Added section FAQs on Galaxy S6 Fast charging to address some questions you may have.

Unlike Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 battery and Galaxy S6 edge battery are non-removable for customers. You have to visit local Samsung service center if you need change the Galaxy S6 battery or Galaxy S6 edge battery.
This means proper maintenance for Galaxy S6 battery or Galaxy S6 edge battery is extremely important. Replacing Galaxy S6 battery will be surely more expensive than replacing a Galaxy S5 battery.
Normally, Galaxy S6 battery and Galaxy S6 edge battery can last 2-3 years.  If you charge the Galaxy S6 battery or Galaxy S6 edge battery improperly, the lifespan of the battery can  be shortened significantly.

Charging Galaxy S6 battery

You need charge Galaxy S6 battery before using Galaxy S6 for the first time or when it has been unused for extended periods.

Before charging Galaxy S6 battery

You should only use Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Low quality chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage your Galaxy S6.
When the Galaxy S6 battery level is low, the battery icon in the stats bar (top of the screen) appears empty.
If Galaxy S6 battery is completely discharged, Galaxy S6 cannot be turned on immediately when the charger is connected. Allow a depleted Galaxy S6 battery to charge for a few minutes before turning on the phone.
If you use multiple apps at once, network apps, or apps that need a connection to another device, the battery will drain quickly. To avoid disconnecting from the network or losing power during a data transfer, always use these apps after fully charging the battery.
Using a power source other than the USB power adapter, such as a computer, may result in a slower charging speed due to a lower output current.

Charging Galaxy S6 battery

To charge Galaxy S6 battery, connect the USB cable to the USB power adapter,  then plug the end of the USB cable into themultipurpose jack of Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge.

While charging Galaxy S6 battery

Galaxy S6 can be used while it is charging, but it may take longer to fully charge Galaxy S6 battery.
If Galaxy S6 receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touch screen may not function. If this happens, unplug the charger from Galaxy S6.
While charging Galaxy S6 battery, Galaxy S6 and the charger may heat up. This is normal and should not affect the phone’s lifespan or performance. If Galaxy S6 battery gets hotter than usual, the charger may stop charging.
If Galaxy S6 is not charging properly, take the phone and the charger to a Samsung Service Center.

After charging Galaxy S6 battery

After fully charging Galaxy S6 battery, disconnect the phone  from the charger. First unplug the charger from Galaxy S6, and then unplug it from the electric socket.
To save energy, unplug the charger when not in use. The charger does not have a power switch, so you must unplug the charger from the electric socket when not in use to avoid wasting power. The charger should remain close to the electric socket and easily accessible while charging.

How to reduce Galaxy S6 battery consumption

Galaxy S6  provides various options that help you conserve battery power. These include:
  • Optimize Galaxy S6 using the Smart manager.
  • When you are not using the phone, switch to sleep mode by pressing the Power key.
  • Activate power saving mode.
  • Close unnecessary apps.
  • Deactivate the Bluetooth feature when not in use.
  • Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature when not in use.
  • Deactivate auto-syncing of apps.
  • Decrease the back-light time.
  • Decrease the screen brightness.

Galaxy S6 Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S6  or  Galaxy S6 edge has a built-in fast charging feature. You can use this feature to charge Galaxy S6 battery more quickly while Galaxy S6 or its screen is turned off.

About Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast charging uses battery charging technology that charges Galaxy S6 battery faster by increasing the charging power.
Galaxy S6 supports Samsung’s Adaptive fast charging feature andQualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.
To use Galaxy S6 Fast charging on your phone, connect it to a battery charger that supports Adaptive fast charging or Quick Charge 2.0.

How to increase Galaxy S6 battery charging speed

To increase the charging speed, turn the phone off or turn its screen off when you charge Galaxy S6 battery.
While charging Galaxy S6 battery, if  Galaxy S6 is turned off, the Galaxy S6 fast charging icon appears on the screen.
You cannot use Galaxy S6 fast charging feature when the screen is turned on. Turn off the screen to increase the charging speed.
You can check the remaining charge time on the screen. The actual remaining time may vary depending on the charging conditions.
You cannot use the built-in Galaxy S6 fast charging feature when you charge Galaxy S6 battery using a standard battery charger.
If Galaxy S6 heats up or the ambient air temperature rises, the charging speed may decrease automatically. This is a normal operating condition to prevent damage to the phone/battery.

Galaxy S6 wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 (and galaxy S6 edge)  has a built-in wireless charging coil. You can charge Galaxy S6 battery using a wireless charger, which is sold separately.

Using Galaxy S6 wireless charging

To use Galaxy S6 wireless charging,  you need place the center of Galaxy S6’s  back on the center of the wireless charger as shown below.
While using Galaxy S6 wireless charging, you can check the remaining charge time on the screen. The actual remaining time may vary depending on the charging conditions.
After fully charging Galaxy S6 battery using Galaxy S6 wireless charging, disconnect the phone  from the wireless charger.
You can check Galaxy S6 battery’s charging status from the battery icon on the screen.
When there are foreign materials between Galaxy S6 and the wireless charger, Galaxy S6 may not charge properly.
If you use the wireless charger in areas with weak network signals, you may lose network reception.
You should try to use Samsung-approved wireless chargers. If you use other wireless chargers, Galaxy S6 battery may not charge properly.

FAQs on Galaxy S6 Fast charging

Q1: Can I disable Galaxy S6 fast charging on Galaxy S6 or S6 edge?

A1: No, you cannot disable Galaxy S6 fast charging in the phone settings. This is different from the fast charging in Galaxy Note 4.
However, Galaxy S6 fast charging will be disabled automatically when:
  • you are not using a normal wall charger, not the adaptive charger.
  • or you are using the phone with screen on.
  • or battery level is more than 50%.

Q2: Is Galaxy S6 fast charging harmful for the battery?

A2: No, Galaxy S6 fast charging is not harmful to the battery in Galaxy S6. Otherwise, Samsung would not bundle the phone with an adaptive charger.
Galaxy S6 fast charging may only marginally affect battery life. Such impact is negligible compared to battery life span.
For most Galaxy S6 owners, after 18-24 months, the battery will lose about 25%-50% capacity. This applies to most quality smartphone batteries, not just to Galaxy S6. Most smartphone batteries have a shell life of 2.5-5 years only.
So, after 18-24 months, if you want the battery to perform as today, you need change the battery, no matter you are using fast charging or slow charging.

Q3: How long should it take to charge my Galaxy S6 when fast charging is used?

It should take less than 2 hours (around 1.5 hours or even less) to fully charge the Galaxy S6 or S6 edge with the bundled fast charger.
The charging time depends on several factors: battery usage by the background jobs on the phone, power supply stability, battery level left before charging, and ambient temperature.

Q4: Galaxy S6 got hot when fast charging is used. Is it normal? Should I be worried?

It is normal to feel the Galaxy S6 is hot when it is being charged.You probably should not be worried about it.
Galaxy S6 has its own protection mechanism to prevent overheating. It can automatically adjust the charging current based on temperature feedback.

Q5: Should I use slow charger for Galaxy S6 to extend the battery life?

Unlikely, a slow charger can noticeably extend battery life for your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.
You probably are wasting time and investment for not using Galaxy S6 when you need. The value of the phone is reflected how many hours you are using them.
Again, you still have to consider to change the battery after 18-24 months if you want to continue to use Galaxy S6 then.

Q6: I need a new wall charger, how can I know the charger is compatible with Galaxy S6 (or S6 edge)?

You need read the specs of the charger carefully whether fast charging is supported.
The best option is to get a Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger.  You can normally get it under $20, although the MSRP is about $35.

Q7: Can I use my Galaxy Note 4 fast charger for Galaxy S6?

Yes, you can use Galaxy Note 4 fast charger for Galaxy S6. They are compatible.

Q8: When connecting fast charger to wireless charger, Galaxy S6 fast charging is not working. Why?

It should NOT work. Wireless charging is not compatible with Galaxy S6 fast charging.
If you need fast charging, you need connect the charger to the phone directly.
For wireless charging, the adaptive fast charger works just like normal wall charger.

Q9:  A guru told me I must connect the fast charger to wall outlet directly, not to an extension cord,  to get Galaxy S6 fast charging. Is it right?

No, it is totally wrong.
The fast charger has no way to know whether it is connected to the wall outlet or an extension cord. And this is NOT important.
On the contrary, if you have a surge protector, it is better to put the charger behind the protector (and usually connected to an extension cord).

Can you charge Galaxy S6 battery now? Can you use Galaxy S6 wireless charging or Galaxy S6 fast charging?

If you have any questions or encounter any problems on charging Galaxy S6 battery, using Galaxy S6 fast charging or using Galaxy S6 wireless charging, please leave your questions in the comment box below  We will try to help you.
For other features of Galaxy S6, please check Galaxy S6 online manual page.
For detailed guides on how to use Samsung Galaxy S6, please checkGalaxy S6 how-to guides page.

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