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Friday, 2 October 2015

How to Check an EGR

How to Check an EGR

EGR valves in a car regulate combustion temperatures within the engine of a car. The valve recycles exhaust back into your car, which makes the car more energy efficient and reduces the amount it pollutes. A faulty EGR valve will result in either a clicking sound in the engine or an engine stall while it is idling. Luckily for car owners, the EGR valve is very easy to check, and you do not need extensive auto-mechanic knowledge in order to perform a thorough inspection of your EGR valve.

Things You'll Need
Owner's manual

Turn the ignition on in your car, and leave the car in park. The engine should be allowed to warm up for several minutes before you inspect the EGR valve.

Pop open the front hood of the car.

Locate the EGR valve by consulting your car's owner's manual. The location of the valve will differ according to vehicle make and model.

Observe the EGR valve while someone revs the engine. If the EGR is functioning properly, a plunger like part will bounce up and down consistently. If the part is not moving fluidly, or will not move at all, your EGR needs maintenance and you should consult a mechanic.

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